About Us

Hybrid Mechanical, LLC is built on a foundation of excellence. It's this drive to provide the best possible services that have made us an industry leader in contract plumbing and pipefitting across Southeast Minnesota and the tristate area.

As a fully-unionized company, the Hybrid Mechanical team is dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable plumbing, pipefitting, HVAC services, and more to residential, industrial, and commercial clients. When you choose Hybrid Mechanical, you can trust our team to complete your project on time, on budget, and to your exact specifications.

Hybrid Mechanical specializes in a wide range of services from plumbing to certified welding. We offer free estimates and consultations for custom plumbing and pipefitting projects to communities across Southeast Minnesota and the surrounding tristate area.

Our high-quality plumbing and advanced pipefitting capabilities are made possible by our unique design/build approach and team of experienced professionals. This allows us to tackle highly specialized projects for both residential and industrial clients. Hybrid Mechanical is your one-stop-shop for design and fabrication, component installation, final inspection, and troubleshooting of plumbing systems. From concept to a full-functioning quality project, we offer unparalleled, comprehensive service as a pipefitting and plumbing contractor.

The Hybrid Mechanical team performs each step of project development and execution backed by years of qualified experience in standard and specialized plumbing. Our proficient skillsets encompass a wide range of piping work including steam piping, HVAC piping, process piping, ammonia systems, and certified welding. Our expertise covers full-service project completion while implementing preventative measures such as backflow preventer testing and rebuilding, system troubleshooting, and quality control management.

Our office is located in Rochester, MN, but we offer our plumbing and pipefitting expertise across the tristate area. To get your free estimate, call us at (507) 282-2526.